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Jan 28
Next gig! 

Next gig! 

Jan 27


Hey guys! You can now see our posts on Tumblr on our website, too.
If you are reading this on the website, click this post, and it’ll take you to our Tumblr page.
Ah, technology.

Jan 21
Jan 13

We are shooting our new video, I Want To Fuck You, on March 19, 2013 at Otto’s Shrunken Head. 
Do you want to be in it? Do you want to have a featured role in it? 

Jan 06

We talked about our plans for the future the other night at rehearsal. We have decided that Blue Waffle Breakfast and the 3 Way Split are still such young albums, we are going to let them grow. 
We feel it is better to tour and expand our network and bring these 2 releases from last summer to greater heights of success. The only weakness that those releases have is there are a number of songs that weren’t given enough time to grow before we recorded them, and we are not going to rush again.
Our body of work is now at a point that is satisfying, 4 releases and a working total of 32 originals (well…31 since we didn’t actually write I Like Pussy

So what does this mean for the next album? Well, we are going to be writing as if we were going to record this summer. We will take the new songs and integrate them into the set alongside all your favorite classics.
This will give them a chance to fully grow. Heck, Bryan was calling out directions while we were recording I Want To Fuck You, as ideas came to him. Jessica came up with the perfect accompanying vocals two months after we finished recording. We also re-did People Suck after the perfect vocal accompaniment finally was in place. 
While we know that our songs always continue to grow on their own long after they are recorded, we want the best to be captured on an album. We don’t want these songs to mature like that in the future.
We have made a good album (Heavy Flow), a great album (Sloppy Seconds), been part of an awesome collective album , and have released our best album to date (Blue Waffle Breakfast).
Now it’s time to record a masterpiece!

Also, we are on the New Myspace! Yes, we know Myspace is so 2003, but with the utter failure of Facebook in their foray into music, new investors have bought Myspace, and we are jumping in ahead of the curve.
All of our albums are up and ready for you to enjoy. Also, for the ultimate listening experience, they are in FLAC format. Not MP3’s transferred to FLAC. Original masters transferred to FLAC, so they are exactly as they were intended to be heard! 
Check them out!

Also, for the first time ever, a collection called The Early Days is available on our Bandcamp page. 
This is an interesting look into the origins of the band when it was only Bryan and an acoustic guitar. The original version of Fireworks & Beer is included and the rest are all unheard demos of songs recorded in Nov 2007- Jan 2008. Very interesting if you have heard all of our albums.
These are long lost songs that haven’t been heard in a long time! 

As 2013 continues on, you will hear said masterpiece develop at our live shows. We look forward to making this album, and hope to see you all enjoying it for years to come!


Jan 04
Jan 04

The Bloody Muffs 2012 In Review

Hi boys and girls. The New Year has passed and a fresh beginning is upon us! What are our plans for this year? Well, let’s look back at 2012 first.

January we played some amazing shows that showed NYC punk, in the modern era, is thriving! First was Otto’s Shrunken Head with The Dead Tricks and Tied For Last. A 1-2-3 punch that rivals any show you could imagine!
A week later we returned to Otto’s to play a monumental show to celebrate the birthdays of DJ Pat Pervert and Dark Water’s very own, Father Vincent. The club was packed beyond capacity! First up Afterbirth, followed by World War IX and Blackout Shoppers. Then us! Unbelievable night of punk!
While this was exciting, back at the Muff Cave we were writing the rest of Blue Waffle Breakfast!

Feburary began with a show at Matchless in Brooklyn w/Skum City,WWIX and us. Then the rest of the month we recorded and mixed Blue Waffle Breakfast. What a fun experience working with our team at Big Blue Meenie.

March we had a killer party at the muff Cave w/Midnight Saints and Out Of Order.

In April, we had a hell of a party at the Muff Cave on 4/20 with The Wiscoholics ad 40 oz Faceplant from Wisconsin. We also got the masters back for Blue Waffle Breakfast.

In May we played with Voice of Addiction from Chicago and WWIX, then a week later with Exile from Austin, Texas and Tied For Last, and two days later the infamous 5 minute set, all at Otto’s.
Then released
Blue Waffle Breakfast-
and 3 Way Split with Midnight Saints and More Beer Please-

In June, Kat went on maternity leave, Kisco Slim filled in on drums, and we toured the US for three weeks. Youngstown, Toledo, Indianapolis, Austin, Clarksville, Saint Louis, Lynwood, Green Bay, Schererville, Omaha, Chicago, Lake Villa, Madison, Cleveland, and Akron all got a taste of The Bloody Muffs. 
We returned to New York and welcomed Benedict Arnold from St Louis with Tied For Last at Otto’s.

July was busy. We had a party at the Muff Cave for The Sheckies, with Tied For Last and us.
Then Chris Barber from Midnight Saints took over on drums. We played Muriah’s birthday at Melody Inn in Indianapolis, came home and a day later welcomed The Enders from Lafayette Indiana, w/Tied For Last and us at Otto’s.
Then a crazy Party at the Muff Cave w/Trashcan Tommy & The Blackouts from Wisconsin, The Ridgelands from Chicago, Out Of Order, and The Dead Tricks, who shot their video that night!
The Dead Tricks - Don’t Get High (Without Me) (by thedeadtricks)

August was amazing! We got to play with our good friends and amazing band from Indianapolis, Mr. Clit & The Pink Cigarettes not once, but twice! 
First a party at the Muff Cave was in order. Midnight Saints came down too. Next night we played with them at Acheron in Brooklyn w/Abject, WWIX, The Will and others.
Next week we played Otto’s with Tied For Last, The Dead Tricks and The In Crowd.
A week later we returned to Nohrmal Music Fest at Gjoa in Brooklyn, followed a few days later at Trash Bar in Brooklyn.

September, we played our last show without Kat at a party in the Muff Cave with Midnight Saints. This was Smitty the Party Cat’s first Muff Cave Party.

October saw the Return of Kat Kaos at Otto’s w/Out Of Order. Then Bryan took his solo act to Youngstown to play w/the Giggitys. Then a crazy Halloween Party with Angry Youth, Who Killed Marilyn ] (featuring Kat on lead vocs), and Empty Vessels from Connecticut.

November was another busy month as we recovered from Hurricane Sandy. We celebrated the nuptials of Nicole and Chris the Wailing Siren from Yo!Scunt @ Hill Tap Tavern in Queens. Awesome night w/us, Yo!Scunt, Abject, Seizure Crypt, Straphangers and others.
We played the New Musicians Union’s space, located right above the Muff Cave (travelled far for this one) and finally got to play with Cinema Cinema.
Then we played Ding Dong Lounge for the first time, teaming up w/One Mighty Ugly Backpack for the first time.

December saw us play our last show of the year, at Otto’s with Tied For Last and Little Old Ladies.
We closed the books on 2012 with a special New Years Eve party w/Dolly Rocker Ragdoll from Ohio, Pissant from Virginia, Mr Clit & The Pink Cigarettes, and /bryan doing a completely wasted set featuring Caroleen Stewart from Aeon of Ether.

2012 was a really fun year from end to end. 

Here are Bryan’s picks for his favorite things of the year
Favorite bands played with- Tied For Last, Midnight Saints, The Dead Tricks, Voice of Addiction, The Shidiots, Mr Clit & the Pink Cigarettes
Favorite show- June 16 The Old Haunts in Akron, Ohio. The night I connected with Kate. 
Favorite venue- Otto’s Shrunken Head 
Favorite album obtained- Haircuts by Mr Clit & the Pink Cigarettes